Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Plenty of Trains Right Behind Us

On a dreary day the Alewife station/parking complex has the feel of British post war Labour government architecture -- you expect to see Malcolm McDowell and the gang from Clockwork Orange lurking menacingly around the next corner. Today sun shone down into the station, Jonathan Fixler played a mellow riff, and the station and commute felt as comfortable as a worn shoe, and as familiar as another Groundhog Day. Then came the "medical emergency" ahead, the muttered "shit" from another passenger, and delay. Once we began to move again the dreadful "Please be advised there are plenty of trains right behind us" came over the loudspeaker. It's probably true but it sounds like a lie related to "I'll still respect you in the morning."


Blogger Elliemac said...

More on Alewife architecture is at http://ellenmc.typepad.com/commuterrant/2005/03/alewife_archite.html. I think we have similar observations about the environs!

7:23 PM  
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